On Graham Higman's famous PORC paper

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Oxford University Mathematical Institute


‎We investigate Graham Higman's paper Enumerating $p$-groups‎, ‎II‎, ‎in which he formulated his famous PORC conjecture‎. ‎We are able to simplify some of the theory‎. ‎In particular‎, ‎Higman's paper contains five pages of homological algebra which he uses in‎ ‎his proof that the number of solutions in a finite field to a finite set of‎ ‎monomial equations is PORC‎. ‎It turns out that the homological algebra‎ ‎is just razzle dazzle‎, ‎and can all be replaced by the single observation‎ ‎that if you write the equations as the rows of a matrix then the number of‎ ‎solutions is the product of the elementary divisors in the Smith normal form‎ ‎of the matrix‎. ‎We obtain the PORC formulae for the number of $r$-generator groups of $p$‎ -‎class two for $r\leq 6$‎. ‎In addition‎, ‎we obtain the PORC formula for the‎ ‎number of $p$-class two groups of order $p^{8}$‎.


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