Omegas of agemos in powerful groups

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Bath, UK


In this note we show that for any powerful $p$-group $G$‎, ‎the subgroup‎ ‎$\Omega_{i}(G^{p^{j}})$ is powerfully nilpotent for all $i,j\geq1$‎ ‎when $p$ is an odd prime‎, ‎and $i\geq1$‎, ‎$j\geq2$ when $p=2$‎. ‎We‎ ‎provide an example to show why this modification is needed in the‎ ‎case $p=2$‎. ‎Furthermore we obtain a bound on the powerful nilpotency‎ ‎class of $\Omega_{i}(G^{p^{j}})$‎.


Main Subjects

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