Open normal subgroups in normally constrained pro-$p$ groups

Document Type : Ischia Group Theory 2018


1 Dipartimento di Ingegneria e Scienze dell'Informazione e Matematica, Università degli studi dell'Aquila

2 Spanish


In this paper we analyse properties satisfied by certain open normal subgroups in normally constrained pro-‎$‎p‎$ groups and in a spread version of normally constrained pro-‎$‎p‎$‎ groups‎. ‎In the case of powerful normally constrained pro-‎$‎p‎$ groups‎, ‎we exhibit some kind of inheritance properties in certain open normal subgroups‎.


Main Subjects

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Volume 9, Issue 2 - Serial Number 2
Proceedings of the Ischia Group Theory 2018- Part 2
June 2020
Pages 125-132
  • Receive Date: 30 January 2019
  • Revise Date: 29 April 2019
  • Accept Date: 02 May 2019
  • Published Online: 01 June 2020