Unit group of algebra of circulant matrices

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1 Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

2 Department of Mathematics, Kamla Nehru College, University of Delhi, Delhi


Let $Cr_n(F_p)$ denote the algebra of $n \times n$ circulant‎ ‎matrices over $F_p$‎, ‎the finite field of order $p$ a prime‎. ‎The‎ ‎order of the unit groups $\mathcal{U}(Cr_3(F_p))$‎, ‎$\mathcal{U}(Cr_4(F_p))$ and $\mathcal{U}(Cr_5(F_p))$ of algebras of‎ ‎circulant matrices over $F_p$ are computed‎.


Main Subjects

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  • Receive Date: 28 September 2012
  • Revise Date: 22 February 2013
  • Accept Date: 22 February 2013
  • Published Online: 01 December 2013