Omissible extensions of SL2(k) where k is a field of positive characteristic

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1 The University of Alabama

2 Bucknell University


A normal subgroup $N$ of a group $G$ is said to be an‎ omissible subgroup of $G$ if it has the following property‎: ‎whenever $X\leq G$ is such that $G=XN$‎, ‎then $G=X$‎. ‎In this note we construct various groups $G$‎, ‎each of which has an omissible subgroup $N\neq 1$ such that $G/N\cong SL_2(k)$ where $k$ is a field of positive characteristic‎.


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Volume 2, Issue 1 - Serial Number 1
Proceedings of the Ischia Group Theory 2012
March 2013
Pages 145-155
  • Receive Date: 19 December 2012
  • Revise Date: 13 March 2013
  • Accept Date: 14 March 2013
  • Published Online: 01 March 2013