Noninner automorphisms of finite p-groups leaving the center elementwise fixed

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University of Isfahan


A longstanding conjecture asserts that every finite nonabelian $p$-group admits a noninner automorphism of order $p$. Let $G$ be a finite nonabelian $p$-group. It is known that if $G$ is regular or of nilpotency class $2$ or the commutator subgroup of $G$ is cyclic, or $G/Z(G)$ is powerful, then $G$ has a noninner automorphism of order $p$ leaving either the center $Z(G)$ or the Frattini subgroup $\Phi(G)$ of $G$ elementwise fixed. In this note, we prove that the latter noninner automorphism can be chosen so that it leaves $Z(G)$ elementwise fixed.


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