Bipartite divisor graph for the set of irreducible character degrees

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‎Let $G$ be a finite group‎. ‎We consider the set of the irreducible complex characters of $G$‎, ‎namely $Irr(G)$‎, ‎and the related degree set $cd(G)=\{\chi(1)‎ : ‎\chi\in Irr(G)\}$‎. ‎Let $\rho(G)$ be the set of all primes which divide some character degree of $G$‎. ‎In this paper we introduce the bipartite divisor graph for $cd(G)$ as an undirected bipartite graph with vertex set $\rho(G)\cup (cd(G)\setminus\{1\})$‎, ‎such that an element $p$ of $\rho(G)$ is adjacent to an element $m$ of $cd(G)\setminus\{1\}$ if and only if $p$ divides $m$‎. ‎We denote this graph simply by $B(G)$‎. ‎Then by means of combinatorial properties of this graph‎, ‎we discuss the structure of the group $G$‎. ‎In particular‎, ‎we consider the cases where $B(G)$ is a path or a cycle‎.


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Volume 6, Issue 4 - Serial Number 4
December 2017
Pages 41-51
  • Receive Date: 01 July 2016
  • Revise Date: 26 January 2017
  • Accept Date: 04 February 2017
  • Published Online: 01 December 2017