On a result of nilpotent subgroups of solvable groups

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Department of Mathematics, Texas State University, 601 University Drive, San Marcos, TX 78666, USA


‎Heineken [‎H‎. ‎Heineken‎, ‎Nilpotent subgroups of finite soluble groups‎, Arch‎. ‎Math.(Basel)‎, ‎ 56 no‎. ‎5 (1991) 417--423‎.] studied the order of the nilpotent subgroups of the largest order of a solvable group‎. ‎We point out an error‎, ‎and thus refute the proof of the main result of [‎H‎. ‎Heineken‎, ‎Nilpotent subgroups of finite soluble groups‎, Arch‎. ‎Math.(Basel)}‎, 56 no‎. ‎5 (1991) 417--423‎].


Main Subjects

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